"Your Local Home Inspection Professionals"

Do I need a home inspection?

Purchasing a home can be one of the most important investments a consumer will ever make, both financially and emotionally. As with any major investment a good deal of research and understanding is needed to assure the best possible value. Even when a house or a condominium appears "Just Perfect," there may be the possibility that some type of repair may be needed. A new homeowner does not want to be burdened with unexpected repairs upon taking ownership. You, the buyer, should therefore take nothing for granted when you have decided upon the home of your choice.

Do we encourage the buyer to participate in the inspection process?

The actual field inspection is an important time and opportunity for you to gain all the insight and knowledge that we can share with you on your new home. It is a great way for you to obtain information and will allow you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all aspects if your inspection.

Are the inspectors experienced?

Our inspectors are all Massachusetts Licensed Home Inspectors. All Offices are owner operated with a thorough knowledge of Cape Cod homes. Equipped with insight and experience, we are able to spot signs of possible damage and faulty or unsafe conditions.

How long have we been providing inspections on Cape Cod?

Cape Cod Building Inspection Services is the first and original inspection service on Cape Cod. We have been proudly serving Cape Cod and the Islands since 1975.

Is the company free of any conflicts of interest?

Unlike other inspection services, Cape Cod Building Inspection's primary job is inspecting homes. We are impartial examiners. We are not hired to give opinions as to whether or not to purchase the home nor do we solicit repair work or are we in the pest control business. We receive no payments or commissions on the sale of the home.

Do we supply a written report?

Cape Cod Building Inspection Services provides a detailed 32 page report on the property. Which includes heating, plumbing, electrical, roofing, foundation, structural, walls, floors, doors, exterior/interior surfaces, painting, termites, saftey and security.